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Robert Firszt Aviation Art

I always was my father's biggest critic when it comes to his painting in our family. I am that kind of person who would point out the merest details if I found them wrong, which led my father to change many of his paintings. That's why it came to me as a surprise when he asked me to describe his painting style on the website.

The first thing that comes to one's mind when asked to describe Robert's work is usually "distinctive". His signature painting style is intriguingly different when compared to other artists and gives every piece a certain feeling of uniqueness. While it would be very hard to specify a single quality of his work that makes his paintings stand out, they all possess that certain "classic" aesthetic thanks to which they look like an artist's portrayal of a scene rather than a photo.

Robert uses acrylic paints for his work. All paintings are done on canvas, unless the client wished otherwise. Flying gliders since 2008, his work encompasses not only a painter's vision but also that of a pilot giving the paintings a remarkable atmosphere. To see more of Robert's work, please visit the Gallery.

Peter Firszt

Robert Firszt Aviation Art

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